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How to Build a Successful Career in Software Testing

In the second in a series of blogs on careers in software testing, ROQ’s Maz Hutchinson offers her insights into what millennials want from a job and how ROQ offers a supportive environment in which to build the foundations for a successful career:

Maz explains: “I believe that people of my generation want to make real progress in their career, and work for a company with a clear promotion structure where acknowledgement for accomplishments is received. Flexible working hours whilst having a fun working environment within the organisation is key, and it’s important to be encouraged to show both creative and problem solving skills, as well as holding fun social activities to integrate employees and reinforce teamwork and collaboration.

“ROQ has a dedicated Career Support Manager who can help us shape objectives that fit our career aspirations. Alongside this, they provide both resources and frameworks to help develop our skills and support the completion of the ISTQB Foundation level qualification.

“At ROQ, I’ve had the chance to work independently and as part of team, building relationships with both colleagues and clients. There are a range of different client projects to work on, which helps to build a wealth of experience. Through working on client projects, the customer gains trust and confidence in our skills and abilities and they provide positive feedback, and my managers recognise and appreciate a job well done. It feels great to be providing a quality service to the clients, and to help support ROQ’s reputation and continue to build the brand.

“To anyone wanting to forge a career in software testing, I’d say be unafraid to challenge the ‘geeky or nerdy male’ stereotype in testing. If you are passionate, driven and are excited to make a difference to a client’s product, then gender just isn’t a factor. By engaging yourself early, you can seek that crucial career advice from either parents or teachers - they may be able to point you to groups or events strictly for young females such as ‘Liverpool Girl Geeks’ or ‘Girls 2 Geeks’.

“Take to social media and find like-minded people who will encourage you to develop and push yourself to pursue your dreams. Never forget that women have been at the fore STEM careers for generations, for example Ada Lovelace. If you identify a relevant role model, it may help you to achieve your technological career, even in times of self-doubt.

“If you have an interest in, or a natural flair for technology studies don’t let it pass you by. Research careers in the IT industry, and check out the pre-requisites for potential jobs. Focus your studies in line with your planned future career and seek out advice from teachers, parents and potential employers. Consider joining clubs or taking part in activities where you can learn new skills and see if it peaks your interest. Don’t just follow your friends in their studies - do what appeals to you, because you spend a long time in work and you need to love what you do.”

For more information about careers at ROQ, please visit our 'Work for ROQ' page.