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Unlocking Business Value through Quality Software

It would be easy to think of testing as a tactical, after-the-fact activity, that creates delays at the end of the software delivery lifecycle.  

Nothing can be further from the truth! 

Success in the digital era rests almost entirely on software that works - precisely as intended. And given that many businesses are looking to transform and innovate over the coming years, software quality is now a strategic imperative.  

At the recent TestExpo 2017 we asked hundreds of Test Professionals for their opinion on the potential that quality software could unlock in their individual businesses. The responses we received were far from tactical in nature. Rather than dwelling on reductions of defects, bugs and other issues, they were instead focussed on how software testing can positively impact; speed to market, risk mitigation, cost saving and amplify quality. They made links between these four powerful business value levers and the expectations of the organisations they work in, the markets they serve and ever-changing customer expectations they are aiming to meet. 

Test professionals who think in business value terms are the testers of the future.  They approach their work with the end-user in mind and do not just add value at the end of a process but all the way through it.  

Testers of the future have to work in lock-step with a range of different stakeholders to drive the types of collaboration and cross-functional working that concepts like DevOps are founded on. Working with the business stakeholders from the inception stage will allow testers to gain powerful insights into the drivers for change and the importance of timely delivery. Similarly, integrating more closely with their development colleagues - and adopting a true shift-left mentality - opens up an array of new techniques that promote velocity and efficiency in the software development lifecycle, such as Automation, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration.  

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you on Wednesday 6th December in our next webinar, which will focus on Bridging the Gap between current and future ways of working. We will replay the findings from our extensive survey and will share with you some of the best practice techniques that will help you to become Testers of the Future. To register for this webinar, click here.