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208 Days per Year Saved Through ROQ’s New Automation Accelerator

ROQ is currently delivering their fresh and highly innovative ‘Kittens’ accelerator to a global FMCG organisation, implementing an automated regression testing suite, consisting of around 120 tests and delivering an estimated time saving of 96 hours each time the regression pack is run.

ROQ’s Kittens accelerator is a pre-built framework, collating ROQ’s experience in delivering effective open source test automation solutions, which simplifies and accelerates the test automation process, and improves client return on investment. It also supports a best practice approach, reducing arduous and expensive maintenance activities.

The client was experiencing frequent releases into their environment that were not fully system tested before being handed over, introducing lots of issues and a lack of trust in the development team. This led to long regression cycles to validate functionality, which naturally added delays and costs to the project.

Prior to the engagement, regression testing was carried out by the client and taking a total of 4 days per release. ROQ’s impartiality, partnered with longstanding client relationship, made the solution a very attractive option for the automation engagement. On average, the regression pack is run once a week, therefore, the likely savings are 208 days per year.

Implementing the Kittens framework in a matter of days, ROQ then built an automated regression test suite, covering the web-based front end, email validation, SQL database validations and Azure AD validation. The regression test pack was developed by delivering a BDD framework capable of testing all the necessary components. The final solution comprised of an open source GUI framework enhanced to test databases and APIs where possible and appropriate.

The regression test pack now runs 120 scripts and full validation in just over an hour, creating a 98.4% time saving when compared to before ROQ engaged.

Soon after ROQ’s engagement began, the team recommended a secure code repository and test execution environment. This was delivered utilising Azure DevOps and a dedicated test machine that is capable of running multiple tests in parallel, providing much faster test execution. This highlights the extra value ROQ can add to projects, always looking at where improvements and further cost/time savings can be made.

The overall project is still ongoing, but the automated regression pack has already delivered the following benefits:

  • A time saving of around 96 hours per execution run, when compared to manual regression testing, saving around 4,992 hours (or 208 days) of manual testing effort, per year
  • More rigour in the regression pack, which has increased the value in acceptance testing of the system
  • Defects found during pack development that hadn’t previously been found in testing, due to the increased coverage and API testing
  • Release cycles reduced due to faster testing phases; with the client now confident of increasing the velocity of the releases, knowing the core business functionality can be tested in less than 8 hours.



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