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75% of Organisations Suffer After Updates

Updates, Updates, Updates!

It seems there is an ever increasing amount of updates to contend with – especially when it comes to Windows 10. Regular updates, big or small, mean that organisations are taking a risk every time an update is pushed out to them. Indeed, many are forced to simply wait and see if the latest updates impact their Windows 10 environments, hardware and business critical applications. An approach that comes with REAL RISK.

With “Patch Tuesday” being the most regular form of update, normally happening on the second Tuesday of each month and providing small updates that can often have a big impact, this “wait and see” approach is resulting in issues, downtime and increased calls into the support desk.

In fact, our latest poll suggests that 75% of businesses experience an increase of calls into the support desk post updates.

Sound familiar?

To put that another way, updates are causing issues that cost businesses time and money – this risk needs mitigating.

What organisations need is a proven way to understand how the latest updates will impact their business before those updates go out to the entire estate and potentially cause issues that impact end-user productively (as well irritate those same users) and increase calls to support desks (probably irritating the support desk too).

ROQ’s End-Point Solution (EPS) and Windows 10 Testing Service looks to solve these issues and we have been able to deliver benefits like:

  • Providing insight on where application problems will occur across the estate, prior to implementation
  • Reducing the costs associated with issues and down time caused by updates, by protecting business critical apps and end-user experience
  • Reducing support costs, by keeping machines and applications performant
  • Maximising hardware ROI, by pinpointing the cause of issues (e.g. network, device type, user config or location), enabling informed decisions about when to update and retire devices
  • Informing decisions on investment in new hardware, i.e. will new machines meet performance demands
  • Ensuring distributed workforces are not negatively impacted and so remain productive

EPS not only reduces the risk associated with updates but, as shown above, also provides additional benefits and intelligence – giving organisations real value for money from their investment.

Is this something that your organisation might benefit from?

I’d be happy to see your comments on this topic and I’d be very interested to understand how your organisation manages the risks around Windows 10 updates – or updates to key business applications for that matter.

Thanks for reading.


David Moore – Client Services Manager, ROQ


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