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Beyond The Golden Years

In July 2017, ROQ achieved the prestigious Investors in People (IIP) Gold accreditation. It was a fantastic achievement and a proud moment for all of us.

In the usual ROQ manner, our sights were on ‘what’s next?’ How do we achieve Platinum?

Three years on and we have taken the decision not to go for the formal IIP accreditation again, however we are more people focused now than ever before. We continue to adapt and improve what we do. We are looking to the future, planning on not just surviving the pandemic, but thriving – we are investing in our people and, ultimately, the future of the business. 

People make ROQ the business it is. They are not just the heart – they are the skeleton, the muscle, the whole body. Our people are at the forefront of our decision making now more than ever. Investing in our people is investing in the future of the business, and vice versa – the two are unconditionally linked.

Some areas we are focused on at the moment:

  • We are investing in performance management software to improve our career development process, making it more efficient and improving the overall experience for our employees. We have always done a lot in this space and now that we are taking it to the next level it really is exciting times!
  • We are innovating in how we provide training and continuing to encourage upskilling, making sure our people are equipped with the skills they need for the future. We have been running remote training sessions at various times throughout the day to work around people’s needs – both work and personal.
  • We have also invested in a new applicant tracking system that offers a more streamlined process, improving the candidate experience even more and facilitating the quicker fulfilment of roles, which will ultimately facilitate our growth as a company.
  • We are flexible working on a whole new level at the moment with all our employees currently working from home. We are looking at the opportunities and options available for the future in terms of how we continue to embrace this.
  • We are more conscious than ever of employee wellbeing – mental, financial, and social wellbeing – taking time to specifically reach out and check in on others.
  • We communicate all the time! I sometimes feel like we never shut up! Talking, messaging, company updates, announcements, weekly video updates, surveys, workshops, ideas sessions, project updates, Q&A sessions… not to mention all the social elements too like regular quizzes and Friday beers. 
  • We are adapting, refining and updating our internal processes – seeking input and ideas for improvement then driving these forward to fruition.
  • We are developing new service lines, working with existing and potential clients to fulfil their needs and allowing us to increase our offering and grow the business, which in turn provides even more opportunities for our employees.
  • We are recruiting! We are growing our sales team, we are bolstering our Leadership Team and we have restarted the graduate intake that we had to pause back in March.
  • We are looking ahead with positivity, focussing on our growth plans and achieving them together.

We no longer have a badge to call us golden, but with our current employee happiness score at 8.4 out of 10, and 100% client satisfaction, we must be doing something right!  #platinum


Sarah Jane Riggott – Head of Employee Engagement and Wellbeing, ROQ


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