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CIO Spotlight – Building 21st Century Organisations

ROQ delivered its third successful CIO Spotlight event – a series designed to deliver insights that drive success in the digital age.

The event, held at the magnificent home of the British Academy in Carlton House Terrace, London focused on ‘Building 21st Century Organisations’ and was attended by CIOs, senior digital leaders and business executives from a broad range of public and private sector organisations from across the capital and beyond.

The keynote speaker for the event was Dave Aron, Global Research Director at Leading Edge Forum, following an insightful opening address from Anais Reding, Policy and Engagement Lead for the Government Digital Service (GDS.)

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Anais provided an insight into the work she has undertaken since joining GDS over 18 months ago, as they seek to support, enable government departments with their digital transformation journeys. In what is a fast moving and fast changing environment Anais explained how GDS needs to ensure it works in an agile way to deliver tangible results quickly and demonstrate continual improvements. A key element to achieving success is a focus on driving an inclusive culture, whereby individuals from appropriate departments are brought into project teams to provide their invaluable local expertise which can then subsequently act as a catalyst for adoption when projects go live. Anais also stressed how important it was to have a plan (regardless of how simple it may seem) to make sure activity is focused on where it can make the most impact.

Dave delivered a thought provoking and challenging view that while many digital trends and technologies are exciting, there is a deeper, underlying need to re-imagine businesses and government agencies to make them viable; to make them evolve and thrive; to make them win in the 21st Century – rather than sleepwalk through it. He outlined that many organisations still operate with their services at the heart of their strategy, instead of adopting a truly customer-centric approach which is severely hampering their chance for success. Dave shared a model based on six core capabilities that organisation should employ to thrive in the next decade, namely;

  1. Building a 360° digitally-optimised portfolio
  2. Driving quick & adaptive execution
  3. Fostering value-centric leadership
  4. Advancing proactive, haptic sensing abilities
  5. Nurturing inspiring digital identities
  6. Promoting an ‘outside-in’ approach to assets & capabilities

He went on to provide examples of organisations have successfully adapted their processes to drive real business benefits. He stressed that technology is a key enabler to transformational change and that it imperative that IT, and software in particular, should work across the whole organisation to drive business improvement.

Andrew Ayres, Director - UK & Ireland at ROQ, said:

“It’s our view that the digital age provides boundless opportunities for organisations and individuals alike. This event provided a great platform for the practical and the theoretical to come together – arming delegates with key insights they can apply in their own unique contexts. What came across strongly throughout was that the new organisational capabilities we need to build rest heavily, sometimes entirely, on software that works."


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