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ROQ’s Inaugural CIO Spotlight Puts Digital Transformation Centre Stage

ROQ, the strategic software testing solutions provider, welcomed IT leaders from across the country to an event designed to reveal the truth about digital transformation and the importance of getting software right.

Keynote speakers Paulo De Sa, CIO Employee Solutions from Unilever, and Professor Peter Kawalek from The University of Manchester, delivered their visions for the future of digital enablement, business transformation and the crucial nature of quality in underpinning the success of enterprise.

Professor Kawalek highlighted how the technology to drive complex digital transformation processes underpinned by software already exists, but until a cultural and behavioural step-change takes place, consumers will be unable to fully engage in the process. Paulo De Sa outlined how his role in transforming the digital behaviour of more than 170,000 employees at Unilever was made possible by listening to what staff wanted and offering software-driven platforms to assist engagement, interaction and collaboration on a global scale.

The event was the first ‘CIO Spotlight’ organised by ROQ, designed to generate discussion and inspire alternative ways of approaching the delivery of large-scale programmes that are critical to internal and external processes, and ultimately impact the bottom line of a business.

Manchester Central Library was chosen as the venue for this inaugural event held on November 24th, due to the city’s enviable reputation as a centre of excellence in business, innovation and technology, and as the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Representatives from organisations including Astra Zeneca, Virgin Media, and The Home Office shared their experiences and discussed the challenges of implementing large-scale, often global, digital transformation programmes.

Co-founder and Director of ROQ, Stephen Johnson, said: “Our first CIO Spotlight was a great chance for attendees to learn from two leading speakers and hear their views on the opportunities that digital provides. It was particularly interesting to hear that the obstacles move beyond pure technology, to cultural change and behaviour, and the challenges of selling a vision to the CFO.

“What emerged after speaking to delegates is that the potential for public and private sector organisations is equally significant, but the challenge is in the execution. That’s where ROQ can ultimately help; we look forward to holding more of these events to facilitate progressive thinking and enable organisations to learn from each other as they embark on their digital journey.”

The next ROQ CIO Spotlight will focus on ‘Customer Engagement and Loyalty’ and will take place on March 23rd 2017 in London.


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