11 months Project Examples

Co-ordination of Global UAT for SaaS HR System

ROQ has a long-standing relationship with this client and have worked on many projects (often in parallel) over a 10-year partnership. This particular case study focusses on the implementation of a new, cloud-based global HR System – a complex and wide-reaching project, involving numerous legacy systems, 57 different vendors, 114 interfaces, across 47 countries.  ROQ was responsible for the coordination of UAT globally.  

ROQ defined the overall programme-level test strategy and approach for this SaaS implementation which included HR, Payroll and Training System covering 145,000 employees. To reduce travel costs of this global programme, ROQ’s service was primarily delivered from its UK based Test Lab. Given that the key stakeholders were situated around the world, a robust communications strategy was put in place to maintain the cadence of delivery, such as Skype, conference calls and daily stand ups, etc. 

The Scope of this Project included: 

  • Definition of overall programme level Test Strategy and approach for HR, Payroll and Training System 
  • Test preparation/process improvement prior to system test – reviewing test scripts, and editing where required 
  • Execution of over 600 scripts during system test 
  • Responsible for providing management and support for system, system integration, end-to-end and report testing phases 
  • Defect management – ensuring defects were assigned and progress through the workflow 

 This example highlights ROQ’s ability to foster excellent relationships with a clients team, building trust, adding value and improving the delivery of user acceptance testing. This was made possible as ROQ approaches every engagement with an ‘Understand>Define>Deliver’ methodology ensuring our approach to testing and quality assurance is tightly linked to a client’s business objectives – in keeping with ‘shift-left’ practices and allowing for the best possible project outcomes. 

ROQ Value Add: 

  • The implementation of an impact assessment review of the interface designs with the Workday programme, ensured any risks are called out early and mitigated accordingly 
  • The creation and provision of training videos thoroughly prepared the clients business users for UAT, meaning the risk of any unwanted issues were minimised
  • ROQ chaired defect and progress meetings, taking ownership of these elements of the programme, which gave quality the status it needed on a programme of this size and complexity 
  • ROQ provided ‘pain relief’ – assisting with, and removing impediments that the business users may have encountered during UAT, working across the clients numerous time zones to ensure the globally distributed teams were always supported

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