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WEBINAR: Effective UAT – A View From All Perspectives

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) involves many different parties who are all expecting very different outcomes for this phase of a project. Part of the magic of a successful UAT phase, is managing the expectations of all of those different roles and delivering the outcomes they require – especially when pressure to meet deadlines and to deliver a quality product are increasing.

In this webinar, Mark Bargh (Co-founder and Director of ROQ) and Victoria Dunn (Test Manager and UAT specialist at ROQ) :
• look at UAT from the perspective of all of the different stakeholders involved
• provide helpful tips on how to manage the expectations of each of these key stakeholders
• discuss the things that the testing function can do to produce the best outcomes for all parties of UAT

This webinar will be beneficial for anyone who has any involvement with UAT, whether that be from a user, developer or project manager perspective


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