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Mind The UK’s Digital Skills Gap – Webinar Recording

In this increasingly digital age, the drive for transformation continues at pace.  Project failures, however, are a very real threat for many organisations due to a lack of IT talent and experience. According to an Udacity report in January this year, some 46% of organisations polled suggested lack of available talent was causing their digital transformation projects to fail.  

The current skills gap in digital talent and lack of sufficient training present even prior to the pandemic has grown rapidly.  51% to 52% of businesses report not being able to recruit people with the right skills, the necessary experience or admit to hiring workers without the right skills for the job, potentially placing projects at risk. 

In the recording of this virtual roundtable, we have an in-depth discussion about the challenges facing organisations in the UK today.  Our special guests address the hot topics surrounding the growing digital skills gap to include: 

  • The lack of young people coming into technology roles 
  • How the UK curriculum affects STEM skills for the future 
  • Gender diversity in STEM industries/roles 
  • How IT professionals can keep up to date with new developments in technology 
  • Cost and resource prohibitive training to upskill teams 
  • Attracting and retaining talent 

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