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Opportunities and Risks of LegalTech – Webinar Recording

The Legal sector largely works in the same ways it always has, but what does the rapid growth of ‘LegalTech’ mean for more traditional law firms?

The legal sector is yet to be truly disrupted. The model is still the same as it always was. However in 2022, the industry is facing new challenges, and the emergence of new technologies in the LegalTech space is slowly changing the way the sector works. This provides opportunities for some and perhaps risks for others, and could one day change how legal services are delivered and paid for.

A survey carried out by Statista in 2020 tell us that 84% of law firm employees believe LegalTech to be improving efficiency in their organisations – Great news for those embracing the change, but some firms could be left behind.

ROQ’s expertise and long-term relationships with renowned legal clients give us an excellent understanding of the issues facing most law firms right now, and enables us to see the true importance of high-quality technology solutions in this space.

The topics covered in this webinar recording include:

  • Some of the challenges the traditional legal sector are facing in 2022
    • Lengthy and inefficient processes
    • The transition towards a remote and flexible working model
  • Combatting Alternative Legal Service Providers
  • Approaches and experiences of adopting LegalTech

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