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Quality Engineering – A turning point in the future of the testing industry

Quality Engineering and the role of engineering in software delivery still provokes some confusion in the testing industry.  

With most delivery teams coming from a Computer Science background, the move to being an engineer is an unfamiliar concept. Comfort lies in the roles of developer and test analyst; the ways of working are established, and relationships have been built. 

Previously Agile and lately DevOps and Quality Assurance have shifted these in part, but these changes have been overlayed on to existing roles and activities. The closest the industry has come to full shake up in the delivery approach is Test Driven Development. However, this is rarely implemented and often only within development, not true quality integration. 

In my Webinar on the 25th February I will explore further what Quality Engineering is and why it is vital for delivering value to business. This is part of our latest ROQ campaign to share our expertise with the testing industry. We have a huge programme of events and content on the subject of Quality Engineering. Please keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for more information, alternatively you can sign up to our mailing list.

What is the turning point? – Proactivity 

Delivery teams already accept that quality is the responsibility of the whole team, but it remains an after the fact event. It is still validation of outcomes and so quality engineering becomes just another name for existing testing services. Rather, Quality Engineering is a specialism with a specific focus that needs to co-exist with the delivery team. 

This QE capability acts as an enablement envelope around testing, QA and delivery to drive: 

  • Proactive quality strategy with maturity improvement roadmaps to guide delivery. 
  • An automation first approach to accelerate delivering and increase return on testing investment. 
  • Oversight of quality and testing processes utilising effective metrics and intelligent planning. 
  • Continuous improvement and learning through fast feedback cycles to minimise waste and improve productivity. 
  • Independent perspectives and voice of the customer with effective team coaching and support. 
ROQ Model of Quality Engineering – The Enablement Envelope


Genuine Quality Engineering is a game changer in software delivery and making software work first time. Testing and QA have their place but being able to drive quality right from the start of a programme or project really maximises the value of delivery and customers benefits realisation. 

Starting early 

In order to realise the benefits of proactivity, business leaders need to understand the return of investing in programme design to include quality engineering. 

Engaging a quality mindset early enhances the planning process, mitigating risks earlier and improving budget forecasting. Quality Engineering begins with bringing Quality experts into the business planning phase. 

If you would like to learn more about Quality Engineering, please join my Webinar at 11am on Thursday 25th February: 

WEBINAR: Are you already doing Quality Engineering and just don’t know it? | ROQ  


Andrew Palmer – Head of Delivery, ROQ

Andrew Palmer CITP is a Chartered IT Professional by the British Computer Society and Head of Delivery at ROQ. Andrew has been a specialist in testing services for over 15 years working in both the Private and Public sectors to deliver high quality change solutions.  

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ROQ has a clear focus on software testing and quality. We recognise that the landscape has changed dramatically over the last 3-5 years in that CIO’s, CTO’s and Senior IT leaders are now “interested” in quality; particularly delivering quality at speed.  Our aim is to do this for organisations within the UK. 


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