1 year Project Examples

ROQ Automates UAT for Global Law Firm

ROQ has recently implemented an automated testing solution for a leading global law firm, testing over 1900 business scenarios in less than 10 seconds. The implementation has already provided the client with an initial time saving of 4 weeks per UAT phase and comes as part of ROQ’s ongoing Managed Test Service, in which service excellence and innovation are constantly strived for.

Before the implementation of ROQ’s solution, more than 200 of the client’s employees spent an average of 3 days manually processing data, for each UAT scenario. This proved costly in time, effort and money, which could be better spent in other areas of the business. Following conversations with the business community, about how testing could add even more value to acceptance of a system, ROQ proposed an automated solution that would have significant impact in reducing the time spent on this activity, replacing the requirement of manual data processing.

The solution was designed and built using Specflow and xUnit, and written in C#, with the end goal of providing automated unit tests for UAT scenarios.

The original approach to UAT involved ROQ carrying out automated UAT after manual UAT had been completed, but using the new solution, the ROQ team were able to automate test scenarios – essentially automating UAT

Following several bespoke training sessions and on-going mentoring, the solution now enables business users to quickly create tests off the back of any new business scenarios that are designed, enabling automation to be generated quickly and accurately, from the outset.

ROQ delivered this project iteratively, on time and to a tight budget. This was achieved through close collaboration with business users via daily stand ups and weekly progress reviews. The client was very happy with the flexibility shown and constant feedback provided by the ROQ team.

In summary, the project was very successful, providing a series of benefits including:

  • Business users are empowered to independently generate automated tests for future UAT scenarios, quickly and accurately
  • A saving of 600 days in manually processing data, with over 200 business users now able to spend time working productive activities, aligned to their core job
  • Increased confidence in UAT and significantly reduced the time taken to release software updates

This example perfectly displays ROQ’s ability to challenge the norm, go the extra mile and add value for its clients, via close collaboration and understanding the business pressures.


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