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ROQ Become Industry Partners for TechUP

ROQ is thrilled to become industry partners of a brand new programme, retraining people for careers in technology. TechUP was set up by Professor Sue Black OBE, of Durham University, working alongside various other academics from Edge Hill, Nottingham and York Universities to create a programme focused on 100 women – primarily from underrepresented backgrounds. The goal being to kick start a career in technology.

The TechUP programme will be made up of 6-7 modules, with the main content being online. All participants will be brought together for four weekends over the six-month duration, hosted by each of the Partner Universities. Every participant is also assigned a mentor from one of the Industry Partners to offer guidance and support throughout their journey.

ROQ colleagues, Sarah Barlow, Gill Worden, Kara Whitehead, Victoria Carey and Sarah-Jane Riggott and have all offered up their spare time to mentor one of the participants through weekly online catch ups, as well as helping to shape the curriculum and course material. The second of the residential weekends will be on the weekend of 21st September at Edge Hill University and ROQ’s Sarah, Gill, and Grace will all be there to support the weekend and share a valuable insight into careers in software testing.

Sophie Garrett, Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Co-Ordinator at Edge Hill University said, “This is an exciting time for us to be involved in TechUP Women, it will help us strengthen our commitment to increasing female representation in the IT industry. This is particularly welcomed because one of the defining characteristics of Edge Hill is its long history of female empowerment, dating back to the institution’s origins. The weekend will give the participants a chance to meet up with like-minded people, network with industry experts and reward themselves for their hard work so far”.

Following the participants graduation in January, they will be offered the chance of an interview for an internship or job with at least one of the industry partners in the programme. Sarah Barlow, Head of Talent at ROQ said, “I am proud that we are part of this new programme and supporting women to get into tech. Software is everywhere in our daily lives, we believe it is more important than ever to ensure quality is maintained. The career opportunities in testing are only growing year on year, so it is fantastic that TechUP provides a platform to support software quality”.

You can find more information on the TechUp website.


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