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ROQ Delivers a 95% Time Saving in Testing of Digital Transport Solution

The Client

ROQ’s client, a technology company specialising in digital railway and transport solutions, has over 50 years of industry experience managing and understanding signalling control, operations management, and logistics.

With responsibility for keeping public transport moving, they had a requirement to test a web-based digital traffic management application, specifically designed to help control trains on specific lines across the UK rail network.

Their ethos is to never fail to deliver, correlating closely to the ROQ core value of ‘Commitment’.

Their internal knowledge of Agile development methods, data gathering, advanced algorithms, and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting makes them a highly technical and formidable company, delivering 21st century traffic management services to the UK rail network.

The Challenge

The Client needed a reliable partner with experience and expertise in testing complex services, familiar with the most advanced coding and deployment practices, to help them assure the highest quality when implementing their mission-critical system.

They previously used valuable business users and in-house subject matter experts (SME’s) to manually test a highly complex bespoke system involving a lot of manual steps and large datasets.  This was prone to manual error, time-consuming and also costly. It removed the business users from their core responsibilities, causing day-to-day productivity issues.

The client utilised ROQ’s professional expertise to identify ways of speeding up the user testing process, to improve quality, and most importantly to free up their SMEs. The key requirement was to reduce the overall time for the regression testing of their bespoke system through test automation.

What ROQ Delivered

The project needed to be completed to tight timescales, so working in collaboration with the client, ROQ identified a high-priority set of tests to automate first. This area covered the core functionality of the application and had an estimated testing timescale of one week of manual effort to complete for a team of 4-5 testers.

Due to the unique and complex nature of the application, ROQ used a Java-based framework built with Cucumber, Maven, and Spring Boot to complete the automation pack.

The team developed 358 automated scripts which consisted of over 1,050 unique tests and covered the agreed high-priority areas of the client’s application. To support Continuous Delivery these scripts were run overnight, on a regular basis, through an Azure pipeline and published to Allure.

Due to the complex nature of the system, data sourcing to fulfil the tests had always proved challenging. The team overcame this by working closely with the client’s development team, utilising their APIs to source the relevant data for testing. 


  • A 95% time saving – Reducing testing of agreed high-priority tests from ~20 days manual effort, to an automated pack that can be run overnight
  • The client benefited from increased confidence in new deployments meaning they can continually increase functionality at a higher velocity
  • From ROQ’s effort and expertise, the client now has an easily maintainable, automated regression suite, that they can self-manage and maintain
  • The solution has enabled the clients SMEs to focus more on other business value incentives and less time on manual testing
  • Automation is now used to focus on those areas that impact the business most whilst improving quality at a faster pace.

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