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ROQ Delivers Automation Monitoring Solution for Leading Global Law Firm

As part of ROQ’s ongoing Managed Test Service for a ‘Magic Circle’ law firm, it is continually driving service excellence and innovation. For example, ROQ recently implemented a creative and hugely effective automated solution to monitor the status of two key remote access tools – one used for communication/collaboration, and the other for remote access to virtual machines featuring all the resources a business user may require. The implementation resulted in a string of benefits including:

  • Proactive management of licence capacity across the two tools, giving control to the IT support teams and saving unnecessary investment
  • A significant decrease in support calls by finding and eliminating issues before they impact users
  • Eliminated need for manual checks, saving approximately one business day per week
  • A pro-active communication method to the wider business to ensure no detrimental impact on productivity
  • Increased reliability surrounding system checks, preventing any nasty surprises

The need for this solution arose when the enforced remote working brought about by COVID-19 triggered an unprecedented surge in the number of people using remote access resources. The client had a limited number of licenses and needed to know when they were nearing capacity, to inform decisions on acquiring more. In addition to this, systems became unreliable and their capacity was stretched due to a global surge in usage, following lockdown.

The tools in question couldn’t fully handle the increased demand at first, and the client’s IT Support teams were only aware of issues when they were reported by users, or when engineers in IT Support uncovered an error, resulting in slow communication to the wider business, productivity downtime and lost business hours.

ROQ identified an opportunity to introduce an innovative solution in the shape of automation monitoring tools, built by ROQ’s engineering experts and utilising elements of existing technical frameworks.

The first solution implemented was an automated virtual desktop usage checker. This solution worked by logging into the Virtual Machine Manager tool and checking the number of virtually hosted machines that were in use versus the total number available. If they ever reached more than 90% capacity, an email was triggered and sent to IT Support to let them know that capacity was about to be breached – they could then choose to monitor it themselves more closely, or purchase more licenses.

The second solution that ROQ delivered was an automated status checker for the client’s collaboration tool, which visited the tool’s service status website and checked that all of the services were listed as working normally. If not, an email was sent to IT Support, and a file placed on a server with details of the service failure. Another tool could then be used that could detect that file, and automatically put a warning on the IT Support web page to say they were aware of an issue.

The solutions run constantly, reporting every five minutes and monitoring tool status far more regularly and efficiently than the client would be able to manually. The implementation of these solutions meant that for the first time ever, the client had a way of being automatically notified of any issues with either of the tools.

The solution was delivered quickly, worked first time and added value immediately.


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