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ROQ Hosts CxO Event with Futurice

On Thursday 18th March 2021, ROQ hosted a virtual CxO event, entitled ” Why do organisations fail to get their Digital journey right? “

One obvious answer that ROQ sees so often is down to Quality. Given the pace of change, and the importance of sound investment, Quality Assurance has become critical to business strategy and customer satisfaction.

The joint session with Futurice – experts in customer experience, design and engineering – was delivered to over 30 senior IT members across a broad range of industries, hosted by the UK IT Leaders Group.

During the session, ROQ and Futurice shared real world experiences of successful digital journeys, discussing how Quality must start with accurate and comprehensive research into customer requirements, be architected and designed in, and be continuously tested throughout the development process.


Stephen Johnson, Founder and Director of ROQ said “As always with this level of audience, the challenging questions sparked further debate and discussion amongst the group. The context and sentiment of the stories we shared were on-point and resonated with the audience. By painting a top-down picture of the quality story, they can now take away some insight to add value to their business”


If you would like to know more about quality and all of ROQ’s services, please get in touch – ask@roq.co.uk 




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