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ROQ Hosts Virtual CxO Event, Discussing Test Automation Successes and Disasters

On Thursday 19th November 2020, ROQ hosted a virtual CxO event, with the topic of “Test Automation – A look at real world success and the 5 things to avoid creating a disaster”.

The audience was made up of senior IT leaders from a range of global organisations across many industry sectors. All the attendees face challenges on succeeding with Test Automation in their respective organisations, and were keen to hear ROQ’s take on the matter.

Stephen Johnson, Director and Co-Founder of ROQ, focussed on five things to avoid disaster when adopting test automation and five considerations on how to avoid/mitigate each of them. The key areas covered included, tools & technologies, promotion & adoption, investment, controls & dependencies, and strategy & approach.

Each of these discussion points sparked considerable intrigue, and through the subsequent discussion it became clear that the attendees had felt the pain in many of these areas.

To finish the session, Stephen took the audience through a case study of ROQ’s longstanding managed test service for a leading global law firm, displaying how an automation-first approach has seen major improvements in productivity and software quality– Particularly a 5-fold increase in project throughput, whilst maintaining the same team size.

Stephen said “As always with this level of audience, the challenging questions sparked further debate and discussion amongst the group. The sessions always seem to add value to the senior folks, as they are often several steps removed from the day-to-day issues, but often see the bigger picture problems they create. By painting a top-down picture in the narrative, they can now take away some insight to add value to their business”

If you would like to know more about test automation and all of ROQ’s services, please get in touch with us at ask@roq.co.uk



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