2 years Project Examples

ROQ Increases Quality of Customer-facing Applications for Multi-national Sports Retailer


The client is a sports and outdoor fashion retail company, with stores throughout the UK. The group has over 2,400 stores globally spread across several fashion brands and is now firmly established in the UK, mainland Europe and Asia. 


ROQ was approached by the client to review their existing test automation framework, delivered by a third-party supplier, to provide confidence that the solution being delivered was fit for purpose. Following this review, ROQ raised several concerns regarding the suitability and effectiveness of the framework and proposed an alternative solution in line with the clients testing and organisational needs. 


ROQ conducted a full review of the clients’ critical regression test pack and found that many of the test cases either; didn’t reflect current system behaviour, assumed a detailed level of domain knowledge, lacked assertions and contained hard-coded & out-of-date test data. As a result, ROQ assisted with re-writing these test cases to ensure that they were fit for test automation. 

ROQ then set about delivering a test automation framework providing the capability to functionally test both native and web-based applications accessed via Android and iOS devices. The framework was developed using C#, to align with the in-house development skill-set of the client and was created using only open source tools, including Selenium WebDriver, Appium and NUnit, to avoid licensing costs. The best practice Page Object design pattern was followed to support high re-use and maintainability. Test execution was managed using Jenkins CI hosted on AWS and the results of these tests were automatically uploaded to the clients’ test case management tool (TCMT), TestRail. 

During the delivery process, ROQ also trained existing employees on how to manage and maintain the test automation framework and also assisted the client in hiring an additional resource to oversee things moving forward, by reviewing CVs and being present during interviews. 


The solution was well received by the client, as it delivered great benefits such as: 

  • Significant time and cost saving, as ROQ automated 100% of the critical regression test pack and drastically reduced test execution time to 3 hours through the use of parallel execution across multiple mobile devices
  • Increased software quality by highlighting inconsistencies between the Android and iOS application and fed this back to the business to improve the “automatability” of the applications in future and ultimately the quality of the code delivered 
  • The flexibility and usability of the solution delivered a real return on investment for the client, as the framework was created with extensibility in mind – after initially automating a single brand/fascia, the same framework can be applied to the remaining eleven brands across each of the native and web applications 

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