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ROQ Provides Yearly Saving of £45k and A Time Saving of 125%, Through Automated iOS Testing Project

ROQ has recently automated a regression test pack, testing iOS devices for a global organisation, achieving 58.5% test coverage of the application, time savings of 125%, and estimated yearly cost savings of over £45,000

ROQ delivered the solution utilising its innovative ‘Kittens’ accelerator which is ROQ’s proprietary test automation framework, that was tailored and enhanced specifically for the clients unique mobile testing needs.

Following the initial release of iOS 13, Apple introduced an unprecedented number of defects into the mobile operating system, and as a result had to release new beta iOS updates at a phenomenal rate. At one stage, releases were being pushed out almost weekly. This left the client needing to test each release against all of the iPhone models in use, creating a regression pack of around 50 complex tests and the need for a member of the test team to be assigned full time to iOS testing. Time pressures often meant some devices would go untested, and the repetitive nature of the tasks increased the risk of errors being made.

ROQ proposed automation of a large proportion of the regression pack, taking into consideration, the iOS security restrictions, but ROQ knew the potential impact of automating tests, wherever possible, would be significant. Almost 60% test coverage was achieved, which provided a vastly improved product in rapid time.

The automated regression pack covered over half of the manual tests, integrating 15 different apps, including core business applications such as Excel, Phone, Word, Workday and much more. ROQ developed the test pack in Kittens, leveraging a .NET framework, and built a technical enhancement to enable parallel execution across multiple iPhones. This was achieved while still only using one Apple Mac laptop device as the interface between the Windows-based automation solution and the end devices – helping provide further cost savings.

Other languages and technologies used through the course of the project include C#, Appium and Nunit, highlighting the ROQ team’s ability to leverage a range of opensource tools to create the most efficient test pack the client requirements.

The project was completed on time and around 7% under budget, leading to a series of benefits including:

  • Estimated yearly cost saving of £45,540 when comparing previous manual costs to new costs of combined manual and automated regression tests
  • Overall iOS regression test delivery time reduced by 125%
  • Almost 60% test coverage of the core business applications on iOS
  • The client now has an easily expandable and low-maintenance regression pack with no ongoing licensing costs

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