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How We Help Our Clients

Our testing services are designed to ensure that software works exactly as intended. Our successful approach is based on our independence, pragmatism and, most importantly, our people. Combining all these elements in equal measure ensures we deliver true business value, first time around.

Our Clients Come First

Through engaging and listening to our clients, we recognised that there was a need for a more flexible and responsive approach to testing than the traditional service delivery models available. By putting our clients at the heart of everything we do; understanding their aims, strategic objectives and business outcomes, we have established a reputation as being an indispensable strategic partner, fundamental to the success of their major software implementations.

Our clear 'Understand > Define > Deliver' approach helps us to determine precisely what is required to meet your aims and objectives

Our extensive experience allows us to select the appropriate team sizes, structures and locations to deliver effectively

Our people are passionate about software quality and constantly look for opportunities to deliver business value

Our aim is to be flexible and easy for our clients to engage with – a true extension of your team, focused on shared goals

Functional Testing

ROQ offers functional testing expertise through every stage of your testing process to ensure the successful delivery of a quality solution that meets your business needs and reduces risk. Our practical mobilisation plans ensure a smooth transition whether it be for the implementation of a large-scale government system, a new eCommerce initiative or the introduction of a new global HR system.

Typically involving project teams of 10-25 people on long term engagements, we employ flexible resourcing models and have established our own delivery methodologies based on a combination of best practices and proven approaches.

Test Automation

Organisations are under pressure to deliver high quality software, quicker. Effective test automation is a key enabler for increasing business agility, reducing costs and driving greater efficiencies in software delivery.

Recognising the benefits that it can bring for our clients, ROQ has invested heavily in becoming experts in test automation. We look to understand our client’s technological landscape to ensure that the solution we propose is fit for purpose, creates great outcomes and is cost-effective. ROQ has developed pre-built, easily adaptable frameworks and assets, that client’s can quickly leverage to expedite delivery further. 

Performance Testing

The availability and optimum performance of enterprise systems – whether internal or customer facing – is of huge importance to our clients. Our robust approach follows a set of very simple principles. We work closely with our clients, using the knowledge we have gained in the previous phases of testing and working with the business community, to identify the biggest risk areas of the implementation.

This forms the basis of our performance testing approach, enabling us to identify and mobilise the right skills, expertise and appropriate tools and environments to deliver the required performance testing service.

Managed Testing Services

Employing a pragmatic approach from the outset, the managed testing services we provide are built upon a clear understanding of our client’s requirements. Once agreed, we then work closely with our clients, to structure the right team, adopting the most appropriate approach given any time, cost and risk constraints in place.

Our collaborative approach to testing is the ideal solution for organisations who want to transform their testing and QA activities to produce high-quality software. We have developed a fantastic reputation for advocating a ‘shift-left’ approach, providing independent challenge – both inside and outside of the testing domain – to drive organisations and their software programmes forward successfully.

Test Lab

Recognising the need for a more cost effective and flexible approach to test delivery, ROQ established its UK based Test Lab, creating a market leading environment and knowledge centre from which to deliver innovative testing services.

Our location means we have access to some of the most experienced and passionate people in the software testing industry, which is highly beneficial for our clients. Our Core/Flex resourcing model provides the flexibility to quickly ramp up/ramp down team sizes in response to peaks and troughs in demand.

Our highly secure facilities also enable us to use modern technologies to facilitate our excellent communication across multiple locations, including shared repositories and virtual access through a choice of secure connections.

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