Performance Testing

Reducing the Risk of High Profile Failures

Our clients are heavily reliant on the availability and performance of their internal and external facing systems. It drives productivity and revenue, all of which ultimately drive bottom line profits. For a lot of organisations, the expertise and skills required to deliver this specialist testing are not core competencies and therefore ROQ are able to provide this as a managed service; defining the scope, building the appropriate test suite and then executing and reporting on the findings.



Enabling Business Decisions

Our approach is well honed – built on over 20 years of experience – across large scale UK and Global implementations of eCommerce, COTS and bespoke applications. Our focus is on ensuring that the test ultimately enables organisations to make business decisions.

This is derived at the outset of the project; the scoping phase. We have made it our policy not to undertake a performance test unless we have scoped it out in full, working alongside the key stakeholders of the project (business, IT, third parties etc). In mandating this, we ensure that the Test Plan that is created, is agreed by all, has clear objectives and everyone knows their role within the project.

Agnostic in Our Approach to Tools

Once defined, we then use a range of tools - we are agnostic, so have lots of options - choosing the most appropriate for the client to deliver the test they require. ROQ also extends the toolset to include network tools and other monitors to ensure there is a wide range of information gathered from the test to support any decisions.

The majority of the projects are undertaken from the Test Lab, using cloud based infrastructure and points of presence around the globe to ensure a robust and lifelike test. We also connect into a client’s test environment remotely, via secure connections, to test internal systems if required.