Test Automation

Increasing the velocity of software delivery

Never has speed been such a driver for businesses. Getting to market quicker, with a high-functioning, quality product is paramount to success. To achieve this, new methodologies such as Agile and DevOps are now the focus for most organisations to deliver software and Test Automation is critical for the successful adoption of these approaches. 

Fast Track Automation

Realising the game changing benefits that Test Automation can bring to organisations, ROQ has constantly invested heavily in building robust and scalable automation frameworks that can be extended across a multi device estate. In addition, we have developed re-usable assets and libraries - covering GUI and API testing - that can be used to increase the speed of software delivery and act as a catalyst for adoption. With full integration into a variety of test management and continuous delivery software, the ROQ model is easily adoptable. Fundamentally, ROQ's solution breaks down the technical barriers which often prevents organisations from achieving success with test automation. 

End-to-End Delivery

As with our other testing services, ROQ adopt a pragmatic approach to project delivery to ensure clients choose the right options. Through a comprehensive scoping phase or QA review, we establish a clear understanding of the requirements, based not only on the test elements but also on business drivers and priorities. Once there is a clear picture, we define the most appropriate tools and language to adopt within the framework. Where appropriate, ROQ can provide a full support package - including maintenance, execution and reporting on regression packs or it can develop and deliver training to your internal teams.