The UK's Premier Test Lab

A market leading environment to deliver innovative testing solutions

Through engaging and listening to our clients, we recognised that there was a need for a more flexible and responsive approach to testing than the traditional service delivery models that were available. As a direct result ROQ established its UK based Test Lab, creating a market leading environment and knowledge centre to deliver innovative testing services.


Ideally Located For Easy Engagement

In this fast-paced digital business environment, with new priorities for timeliness, direct interaction and increased business understanding, clients are wanting their suppliers close at hand. Our Test Lab’s central UK location means we are ideally located for easy engagement and often incorporate an element of on-site support to facilitate stakeholder management.

Our resourcing models provide the flexibility to quickly ramp up/down resources to allow for cost effective and timely response to peaks and troughs in demand. Core team members remain in place to ensure continuity of knowledge of the project. In addition, tightly defined processes allow for prompt knowledge transfer and upskilling of additional new team members as the team grows or if specialists are brought on-board for a defined time period.

A Single Point of Excellence

The very nature of the Test Lab delivers a single point of excellence. Utilising both formal and informal feedback mechanisms, best practice from all projects are adopted into our methodologies and lessons learnt are shared with all employees. This is supported by a collaborative approach to personal development for all employees through a range of initiatives such as Brown Bag sessions, Subject Matter Experts and Forums.

Innovation is key to what we do. We expect ideas and initiative to come not just from the top, but from anywhere and everywhere within the company. All of our people are empowered and involved in constantly improving our services which is why we can deliver an unrivalled service to our clients.