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Webinar: Selenium 4 – Key Features and Improvements

Selenium is one of the leading open source browser automation libraries, is widely used in web application testing by companies both large and small and has recently released its latest version ‘Selenium 4’.

‘Selenium automates browsers. That’s it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you.’ – That’s how the Selenium website describes itself. At ROQ, we use that ‘power’ to build bespoke automated software testing solutions for our clients.

But what does Selenium’s latest release have to offer? During our webinar on 9th November, ROQ’s Test Architect, Steve Mellor will be introducing us to some of the new features and improvements in Selenium 4 and how you can use them to enhance your test automation frameworks.

selenium 4 webinar

Join us for this webinar when Steve will run through:

  • A brief history of Selenium
  • Benefits of using Selenium
  • Key features and improvements included in Selenium 4
  • How you can best utilise these features in your quality strategy and automation frameworks

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