End-Point Performance Solution

Increase employee productivity and significantly reduce support costs through End-Point Performance Solution

Ensure core desktop applications perform effectively

Desktop application performance is paramount to productivity and user satisfaction but there are many dynamics that can impact on application performance, such as application changes, OS updates, machine specification and network variances. It is vital that core desktop applications perform well, so that users can perform the basic functions of their roles. Pre-release testing and on-going monitoring is therefore a must.

End-Point Performance Solution Explained...

Replicating real life business scenarios

ROQ has developed a specialist solution that goes beyond typical performance testing tools, to accurately diagnose the root cause of issues. Specific desktop business scenarios are automated whilst recording end-point user performance timings. Device performance statistics are captured and correlated to analyse the results and to pin-point the cause of the issue.

Increase efficiency of global deployments

Seamlessly integrate the testing of desktop application performance as part of the automated regression suite, ensures continuous delivery

Reduced expenditure on hardware 

Investing in End-Point to accurately diagnose issues will save significant and unnecessary hardware costs long term 

Proactive approach 

Resolving issues quicker, and before they become a problem, avoids user frustration and the heavy burden on IT helpdesks and support teams

Increased productivity 

Fewer problems in live means increased productivity for users, freeing up wasted time to spend on their jobs and revenue generating activities  

Optimised workforce  

Analysing the usage of devices will ensure your workforce has the right tools to perform their roles, with the most cost effective solution 

  • A pre-built solution to facilitate quick implementation and return on investment
  • Customisable graphical reporting
  • User end-point timing, synchronised with device monitoring statistics
  • Remote fully managed service with central controller to run scripts across multiple devices in remote locations if required
  • Results comparison against baseline results
  • Low resource footprint on system under tests
  • Support diagnostics of live desktop performance issues extend life of device types by assessing impact of updates on device performance
  • Cost effective and fit-for-purpose solution – alternative performance testing tools

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