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Reduce the cost of testing and mitigate key business risks with a proven approach to testing SaaS solutions

Avoid common, but avoidable, mistakes

SaaS solutions form the foundations upon which many organisations rely heavily on, but they can be highly complex, costly and time consuming when implementing or upgrading. These types of programmes also require meticulous planning and careful consideration of the data being migrated to avoid the common, but avoidable mistakes.  

SaaS Testing Explained...

Align the strategy to business risk to increase speed of delivery

ROQ typically engages with clients at the outset of the programme delivery, starting by designing a robust test strategy and approach. The strategy is aligned to the key business risks and mitigates against the common pitfalls, such as complex integrations and low business engagement.  

ROQ provides a managed testing service to support clients with the delivery of successful programmes. The service typically includes, but is not limited to, system integration testing, test automation, OAT, business acceptance, performance testing and data migration. 

ROQ also plays a key role in assuring quality is delivered by other implementation parties – such as system configuration, customisation and deployment processes. 

Reduce the cost of testing

ROQ focus on mitigating the key business risks of the client, which results in reducing the cost of testing and protects programme timelines 

Make users champions of the system

Early engagement and support of the business users means they become evangelists through UAT and champions of the system once it is implemented 

Reduce the possibility of unexpected and un-budgeted costs

Governing, assuring and challenging third parties ensures the responsibility for quality is accounted for and is delivered, reducing the possibility of unexpected and unbudgeted costs   

Maximise the return on investment

Engaging ROQ from the outset of a project ensures return on investment is maximised by embedding best practice throughout and providing specialist skills as and when needed 

Avoid rework and delays

Data migration is a key focus, ensuring the data is secure and made fit for implementation reduces the need for any rework and extended project delays 

Maintain programme integrity

By taking an independent role in a project, quality is given a voice which is always independent and trusted. This maintains the programme’s integrity and provides visibility of the true status of the programme  

  •  A test strategy and approach that is aligned to business risk
  • Managed Test Service, covering the key disciplines when required, in addition to overall ownership and responsibility
  • Achievable plans and schedules and strong co-ordination of dependencies such as data and environments
  • Selection and configuration of the relevant testing tools to support delivery
  • Application of test automation where appropriate to deliver efficiencies and increase the speed of feedback when implementing the system and making on-going changes
  • Data Migration through bulk validation, utilising Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools and manual checks
  • Clear and transparent reporting that key stakeholders can understand and use the insights provided to aid decision making
  • Work closely with the business stakeholders to co-ordinate User Acceptance Testing efficiently for business readiness
  • Design and deliver performance testing to mitigate SaaS and ERP risks, ensuring performance test reports are easily understandable for non-technical stakeholders and explain implications of the results

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