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Test Automation Webinar – Chasing The Giant Rabbit: A Tale Of Software, Automation And Outsize Bunnies

On Wednesday 6th March 2019 11:00am GMT, ROQ delivered the webinar - Chasing The Giant Rabbit: A Tale Of Software, Automation And Outsize Bunnies.

In this webinar, Jonny Fletcher, Test Automation Architect at ROQ, shared a cradle-to-grave story of the implementation of a BDD-style test automation framework created to functionally test the EPOS system used by a major UK pets supplies retailer, including many of the unexpected business benefits this delivered.

From buying giant rabbits using software connected to a physical till, and the challenge of automating it, to following the transaction information “down the rabbit hole” all the way to the finance and warehousing systems.

The test automation framework not only satisfied the functional testing requirements of the EPOS system but also delivered significant benefits elsewhere in the organisation. It highlighted bugs that had been present since the original implementation of the software and others that would have caused massive reputation repercussions if identified and exposed through the increasing use of social media.

The direct benefits of automated software testing to support the software delivery life cycle are well known and promoted, however this talk focuses on some of the unforeseen benefits that this type of testing can deliver.

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