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Upcoming Webinars

As part of our current campaign around Quality and the impact it has on businesses, we’re hosting two amazing panel discussion webinars in which you’ll gain an insight to what Quality looks like for different roles in large UK organisations.


Quality is Never an Accident

What is Quality? And what does it look like in your business? In this webinar our fantastic panel, made up of Senior Testing Professionals from leading UK organisations, will be discussing exactly that!

Join the session on 15th April at 11am to discover how large enterprise organisations have gone about introducing quality earlier; and the pains, gains and challenges of this process.

During the session we will be looking at themes such as:

  • Organisation wide approach to quality
  • Investment in quality
  • Embedding quality into teams early
  • Highs and lows of achieving quality
  • What would perfection look like?

Joining us for this webinar are highly knowledgeable Heads of Testing with extensive experience in software delivery, they’ll be sharing their views on the topics highlighted above.

Michelle Christmas – Head of Testing Services, Nationwide
Mark Bland – Senior Global Test Manager, Premier Farnell
Andrew Palmer – Head of Delivery, ROQ


Quality: Birds Eye View

Join this webinar to gain an executive insight into what quality means to our amazing panel of Senior IT Leaders in their roles, and their approach to quality at a strategic level.

During the session on 29th April at 11am, we will be covering the themes listed below:

  • Prioritisation of quality
  • The biggest challenges in implementing quality quickly
  • Sacrificing quality – The good and the bad
  • Who should be accountable for quality?

Our exciting panel features a wealth of experience from leading UK businesses across a variety of industries. During the webinar, you’ll gain an insight in to what quality means to them in their roles, as well as their thoughts about the questions and themes highlighted above.

Craig Ambler – Portfolio CIO and Digital Consultant
Ryan Bryers – Senior Vice President of Engineering at Flooid


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