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WEBINAR – Can Digital Transformation Save Lives?

Over the course of the past 18 months, it has become more apparent that technology in healthcare has been leveraged to deliver multiple challenges including, speeding up appointment and treatment times, creating better care in care homes and providing an improved customer user experience across a wider range of services.

As organisations now re-focus on their long-term growth plans, speed appears to be at the forefront of healthcare providers. However, with some high-profile disasters and lessons learnt from the poor execution of new technology including ERP implementations, new mobile apps and online appointments, the quality of the related software/technology needs to be the most important factor to ensure the care and services we receive are not affected.

And one of the key questions that is often overlooked in all these initiatives is, “Are users ready to go on the journey of a digital transformation?”



Join our upcoming panel discussion with three amazing guests, Avril Chester (Founder and CEO, Cancer Central) and Maureen Baker CBE (Chief Medical Officer, Healthily) and Andrew Palmer (Head of Delivery, ROQ), to gain an executive insight into the importance of the end user on the journey of delivering a successful digital transformation programme in healthcare.



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