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WEBINAR – Can E-commerce Save The High Street?

The decline of the high street is clear to see, but, would it be possible to try to save the high street by learning lessons from the success that online retailers have had?

Taking that a level further, what impact has quality and the principles of robust software testing had on ecommerce and can that quality mindset be applied to traditional bricks and mortar stores?

That’s what we will try and answer on the 9th September at 11am UK time. Register now and if you’re unable to attend, we will send you the recording after the event.



Some of the key topics that we will discuss are:

1) Why do you think the high street floundered & why has ecommerce been successful?

2) To what extent has quality engineering and test automation enabled the success of ecommerce?

3) Is it important for retailers to adopt an Agile methodology in store as well as online? 

4) What is a quality mindset to you – and why should retailers look to inject that into their businesses? 

5) What skills are required for the modern tester in a fast moving retail and/or ecommerce environment?


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