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WEBINAR: Navigating the Challenges and Ensuring Success of Upgrading to Windows 10

Navigating the Challenges and Ensuring Success of Upgrading to Windows 10 

The challenge of bringing hundreds, perhaps even thousands of workstations to the latest build of a critical platform carries quite considerable risks - both technical and business related. Today's business users are ever more reliant on their workstations to perform their role and have very little tolerance for any issues that might arise from these upgrades. However, new operating system releases, important security patches and the latest application releases with new functionality, all drive the necessity to deploy changes. 

So just how do you mitigate the risk of these upgrades and ensure that the deployments can be delivered in a timely fashion whilst minimising downtime for users? 

ROQ have an approach that they have used in practice and have fine-tuned over time to ensure that our clients can achieve quality outcomes. We would like to share this with you in this webinar on Wed 12th June. We will discuss some of the reasons why platform upgrades sometimes cause big issues and how to prevent/overcome them. 

We will be joined by our Test Architect - Richard Simms, Managing Consultant - James Eastham and Test Lead - James Payton, to bring to life some of the issues faced on a day to day basis on a Windows 10 Upgrade Programme and share some of the successes too. 

If you are facing a complex Windows Upgrade in the near future or struggle to manage regular updates, please join us for an informative session.

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