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Shine A Light – On Your Data

On June 3rd 2015 ROQ delivered the webinar: Shine A Light – On Your Data

Systems are stretched and fragmented across disparate platforms. This can make analysis, fault diagnosis, monitoring and the gathering of business intelligence all rather difficult.

Over the last five or so years a plethora of solutions have come to the fore in the ‘log management/analysis’ market from thought leaders such as Splunk, to Open Source options such as Graylog.

This webinar looks at the log analysis market and provides three very practical use cases;

  • Capturing real world user behaviour patterns from live systems.
  • Using logs and real time instrumentation in performance tests to analyse the background, or inter-system, behaviour.
  • Building real time and historical dashboards.

The webinar provides real insight into the pros and cons of such solutions, helping you identify if they can be of any benefit to you.

View the video below


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