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Roq is an independent, outcomes-focused, Quality Engineering consultancy. We provide tailored services on all things quality to the world’s largest organisations, on their most important technology initiatives. We help them to realise the benefits of high-functioning, high-quality technology solutions, delivered at a pace that aligns with their business imperatives.

We believe that none of this is possible without the collaboration of brilliant people who genuinely care about quality.  As a company, we live and breathe our values, invest heavily in career development and training, and therefore deliver our services with the best team in the market. We only want to work with clients who genuinely care about quality too, so that together we can make a real difference in delivering outstanding technology solutions.

Measuring things that matter to us

We regularly measure how our clients and our team feel about Roq, and are delighted to share these amazing results:

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We help some of the world's most innovative companies

Why choose Roq?

We believe that exceptional Quality Engineering is at the heart of making technology work. Our independence, driven by our great people and strong values, delivers Quality Engineering like no other. Are you interested in finding out more?

Work for roq

We're always looking for individuals who really love what they do, are excited at the prospect of joining a dynamic, expanding company and are eager to contribute to its future success. Are you interested?

We believe work should be rewarding, inspiring and enjoyable. It's such a strong conviction, that we made it our Employee Promise too. Learn more about Roq Life.

The Roq Quality Engineering Academy is our programme specifically designed to develop people who are really passionate about quality and making technology work properly. Whether it’s graduates looking for a first technology role, or people seeking an interesting new career after a break or change of vocation – such as ex-Forces or ex-Services - our comprehensive Academy training delivered either as a graduate programme or apprenticeship is an exciting mix of practical and theoretical learning elements.

A career in Quality Engineering with Roq is exciting because it offers the ability to choose your own career path.  Whether you’re interested in automation and coding or managing a team – the opportunities are vast. Find out what's involved in Quality Engineering as a career with Roq.

Our values are the Roq secret sauce. They guide the way we work with our clients, how we engage with each other and how we relate to our communities. They underpin everything we do at Roq and they make all the difference.

We know we have the opportunity to make a difference. Through charity and community events, voluntary work in the education and technology communities and a keen focus on our environmental impact, we fully embrace that in every way we can, for our local, national and global community. Find out more about how we're supporting our community.

We believe work should be rewarding, inspiring and enjoyable. The team we work with are a huge part of that. They’re bold enough to try new things and smart enough to see them through. Find out more about some of our people.

We’re always looking for people who are passionate about what they do.  If you're looking for a new opportunity and think you'd be a great fit at Roq, why not check out some of our latest available roles and begin your Roq journey?

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We understand the importance of getting it right first time. We also understand how hard that is. Using our expertise and experience, we can work together with that intention in mind. Call us on 01257 208890, contact us using our online form, or email ask@roq.co.uk to find out more.

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