Quality Engineering
as a career

A career in Quality Engineering with Roq is exciting because it offers the ability to choose your own career path.  Whether you’re interested in automation and coding or managing a team – the opportunities are vast.

The levels of satisfaction our team experience from adding quality and value to a client’s product, programme or project is substantial. They get to experience a wealth of challenges on projects, allowing for innovative thinking, problem-solving and learning new skills.  A career in Quality Engineering gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to global companies across a range of industries.

achieve your career goals

Nobody moving into this career at Roq has to go it alone. In addition to an abundance of team support, we have dedicated Career Support Managers who help shape objectives to fit career aspirations, provide resources and frameworks to help develop skills, and support the completion of a range of qualifications both professional and personal development, and beyond.

Once established, our colleagues get the chance to work independently and as part of a team, building relationships with both colleagues and clients to build a wealth of experience.

giving everyone the opportunity

Roq truly sees the importance of giving everyone an equal opportunity for a career in Quality Engineering. We also recognise the large current issue of the UK’s digital skills gap and we’re doing absolutely everything we can to combat this with our recruitment, training schemes and marketing initiatives.

Doing our bit to plug the digital skills gap begins with exposure and education. We work with our education partners to give students and tech-returners all the information they need to be able to decide if Quality Engineering is for them. We then also work hard to ensure everyone has the necessary tools for a successful career.

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We look for people who are passionate about technology that works properly. Our team care about quality.  Our people are inquisitive, good at problem-solving and have strong attention to detail. You need to be enthusiastic about learning new skills whilst working in an exciting and ever-changing environment.

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