Our values

Our values are the Roq secret sauce. They guide the way we work with our clients, how we engage with each other and how we relate to our communities. They underpin everything we do at Roq and they make all the difference.

The company’s success is driven by the complementary skills and strengths of the team, but more importantly, by everyone living and breathing the values every day. This begins with a carefully structured recruitment and onboarding process, that ensures people are the right fit from day one. We then build career and personal development programmes for each individual, measuring against our values, to ensure that everyone remains true to Roq's unique and rewarding culture.

We aim to select clients who align with our values, which has resulted in us having long and trusting relationships over many years. We make this an important part of the engagement from the outset as a unique way of building really collaborative and successful partnerships.

What our values are...

Every member of our team is proud of our Values. They're in our DNA and you'll experience them in every engagement with us. Here's what they are and a little bit about what they mean to us.


We see it through, and we deliver on our promises whilst surpassing expectations.


We strive to be the best, getting satisfaction from the recognition we receive.


We care about what we do, which drives the energy and enthusiasm we bring to our work.

Straight Talking

We say it how it is, using open, honest and direct communication.

Our values Superheroes

We’re a business where values are lived by everyone. They are invaluable in bringing the whole team together to share successes and achievements. That’s why we introduced our Values Superheroes – to really bring our values to life.

The Values Superheroes are chosen through our Cheers for Peers programme, throughout the year, where everyone can nominate people for a job well done, aligned to our core values. The Superheroes are ‘caped’ annually and they remain in place as Roq ambassadors, taking on extra responsibilities to promote the values. It makes for great fun and a real sense of belonging.

We're delighted to introduce you to this year's Roq Values Superheroes who were caped at our annual Roqtober event:

Paul Darby - Straight Talking Superhero. For open, honest and skilled delivery of clear and timely messages, and invaluable knowledge sharing.

Amira Begum - Passionate Superhero. For her energy, enthusiasm, willingness to get involved, and true championing of Roq.

Sean Gray - Excellence Superhero. For always ensuring a fantastic candidate experience, he's recruited many amazing people into our team.

Rob Wallace - Commitment Superhero. For his total consistency in being considerate and supportive of others.

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