Redefining business and operating models, through huge technology change, to drive sustainable growth.

The insurance industry is at a turning point with digital disruption. There is a strategic focus on broadening and diversifying products and services as they look to stave off new competitors and the changing needs of their customers. From a technology viewpoint, there is a significant investment in customer-facing, cloud-based digital initiatives and leveraging new partnerships and ecosystems.

Services tailored to the insurance industry

The Sector is focusing on large-scale operational transformation to fully realise the value and benefits of infrastructure and technological upgrades. New solutions that drive ongoing innovation, competitive differentiation, and profitable growth are also a necessity.

Tailored to client-specific needs, we offer various services and accelerators which include Functional Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Managed Test Services, Quality Assurance and Test Consultancy delivered from our bespoke Test Lab in the North West of England.

  • Sustainability is key within the insurance industry, so there is a drive for green technology initiatives.

  • Digital transformation is being driven across the whole insurance value chain – creating exciting and creative partners and solutions.

  • Customer experience is now at the heart of decision-making, so products, services and technology solutions are being revolutionised.

How we can help

Embedded a strong quality culture across the product teams will ensure solutions deliver an excellent customer-experience.

Large scale transformation needs a strong and robust approach to quality, mitigate huge business risk.

Highly accelerated automation solutions will enable first to market success, and provide a sustainable approach to ongoing delivery.

Using Roq’s experience across the insurance industry, and a wide range of customer-focused sectors will help insurers drive real value from their technology investment. Contact us now to find out more.

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