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Roq Test Lab Team offers True Resource Flexibility to a Global Software House

The Client 

The company is a global software house and is the leading supplier of UK financial services systems. Their service portfolio covers Wealth Management, Sourcing Systems, Mortgage Sales and Originations, Point of Sale Solutions and Web-tools; 94% of the UK’s top 100 financial advisers, wealth managers and corporate advisers use their software.

The client had previously partnered with an offshore provider, but were looking to engage with a UK supplier with a cost effective solution, where the cultural fit and resource skill set was more aligned to their business needs. Due to the nature of their project pipeline, they required a flexible offsite managed service to test their varied financial products that would allow them to flex resource numbers and also introduce specialist skills as and when required.

Roq’s Solution

Roq worked in close collaboration with the client to establish a Core and Flex approach to their service delivery, which was fully scalable in line with their projects requirements. Based from the Roq Test Lab, the core element of the team would remain on the project at all times ensuring key knowledge was retained, whilst also creating a knowledge base for any flex resource required to supplement the team during periods of high demand.

To meet the challenge Roq implemented a team that had an excellent mix of skills and experience; bringing together energy from graduates supported by a breadth of skills from senior testers. An initial two week induction was based at the client’s site, enabling an effective knowledge transfer and building relationships with the clients own team, after which Roq began providing the client with a fully flexible test team based from within their Test Lab.

During the project, additional flex resource was seconded from the Roq talent pool in line with the demand management plan. This demand was reviewed during regular Service Delivery and Account Management meetings. A fast track on-boarding process, delivered through knowledge transfer and core team mentoring processes, allowed for instant scalability with only a single day spent onsite with the client to establish relationships.

The Outcome  

This model is totally flexible, providing the perfect solution to the client’s delivery challenge and the nature of its business. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Flexibility; requirements can be responded to quickly, while team size can flex both in terms of numbers and skillset with effective knowledge transfer for new staff delivered by Roq

  • Expertise; Roq were able to also support the client with additional Automation and Performance consultancy on a short-term basis, adding value with innovation and challenging their current working practices

  • Communication and Collaboration; Roq team members became an extension of the clients internal test team; building excellent working relationships, they were in constant contact and located close enough to be on-site very quickly if required

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