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The Banking sector is under pressure to evolve at a pace that is unprecedented and is becoming a technology-first sector to help meet this demand. Corporate clients and consumers are demanding greater personalisation, reliable solutions, self-service, and the ability to conduct transactions anytime and anywhere. The demands are forcing financial institutions to transform traditional banking behaviours and culture into new ways to deliver their services virtually and digitally.

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Whilst the changes in the banking sector are hugely exciting, the changes, due to regulatory controls and legacy constraints, come with risk. A rigorous approach to Quality Engineering is of paramount importance to help banks achieve their goals with a right-first-time mindset.

  • Significant focus on payments, new ventures, M&A will drive huge investment in technology.

  • Customer experience has long been a challenge for the banking industry. It is a ‘now or never’ point in time to make huge strides in this area.

  • Moving at a pace that gives banks competitive advantage is new territory, and the need to balance speed and risk will need careful consideration.

How we can help

Wide array of quality engineering services to take the risk out of core banking implementations.

Roq’s robust approach to quality at pace will drive continuous delivery, for our banking clients.

Roq’s banking expertise and cloud deployments will de-risk major transformational change.

Using Roq’s vast experience and expertise in the banking sector will enable clients to deliver change at an unprecedented pace. To get it right first time, contact us.

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