Quality Engineering Academy

Our programme specifically designed to develop people who are really passionate about quality and making technology work properly.

We believe in ensuring our world-class Quality Engineering services are delivered by people who really care. As part of our drive for quality outcomes through the industry, we have built our own Academy to develop people who are really passionate about quality and making technology work properly. The Roq Quality Engineering Academy was born from our desire to support the next cohort of technologists in a career that can make a real difference in the industry.

Whether it’s graduates looking for a first technology role, or people seeking an interesting new career after a break or change of vocation – such as ex-Forces or ex-Services - our comprehensive Academy training delivered either as a graduate programme or apprenticeship is an exciting mix of practical and theoretical learning elements. Our aim is to develop technology professionals who will have quality at the heart of what they do for the rest of their careers. We believe we provide an amazing opportunity to turn potential into brilliance.

Best-in-class training

To be a brilliant Quality Engineer requires best-in-class training and that’s exactly what we’ve developed. The skills learned are aligned to industry recognised ISTQB, Tester Apprenticeship and SFIA with plenty of on-the-job learning, mentoring and support from our leading technology professionals.

An Exciting introduction

In a structured, 15-month programme of intensive training and client-side projects, our Consultants kick start their journey with a comprehensive induction and ‘Bootcamp’ which provides a first-rate introduction to Quality Engineering. It enables them to gain a clear understanding of the Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC) and how it’s used in business to ensure the quality of code, functionality and applications are delivered to the highest of standards. Applying recognised best practices, we provide knowledge of the process for validating and assuring software effectively and ensure everyone has a good introduction to the coding languages used by delivery teams throughout the industry. You’ll also get to gain experience and build solutions using the latest automation technology.

More than technical skills

In addition to enhancing their technical capability, we also weave in life skills and professional development training. This ensures that upon completion of the Bootcamp, everyone is ready for the challenge of project assignments with our highly valued clients.

More than work

It’s a proven fact that people retain information better when learning is enjoyable and memorable and that completely matches our culture. That’s why we make sure that we weave plenty of fun into every stage of the Bootcamp and beyond – whether it’s battling in a pool tournament or hiking in the Lake District – our Consultants get through a lot of pizza and form long-lasting bonds.

And of course, we have, entertaining and knowledgeable Career Support Managers like no other!

After Bootcamp, Consultants are given client assignments that really enable them to take what they’ve learnt into real-life project work, with some of the most well-known organisations. With a thorough onboarding process, knowledge transfer and additional training from the wider Roq team our Academy Consultants are supported every step of the way as they put the skills, learnings and capabilities they’ve acquired into practice.


This is the ideal introduction to their careers in Quality Engineering with Roq and our aim to get everyone ready for promotion to the next stage in their development. Our Academy has launched many highly successful careers in the industry and that is something we are very proud of.

Ongoing support


Throughout the training, our Consultants are mentored by exceptional Quality Engineering industry professionals who are keen to share their extensive and diverse knowledge and experiences.

Dedicated support

Every individual is continuously supported by a dedicated Career Support Manager to nurture them through the process and help them to identify and complete extensive training opportunities, not only in their chosen career but also in consultancy and soft skills. 


We support them in their development journey to being Quality Engineering professionals and help them to future-proof their careers in a competitive and very rewarding industry

We’re looking for people who are passionate about technology that works properly. If you think you’d like to be a part of our team that cares about quality, believe you’re inquisitive, good at problem-solving and have strong attention to detail, you could be a great match to us. You need to be enthusiastic about learning new skills whilst working in an exciting and ever-changing environment. If you think that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

Want to join our Academy?

If you’re looking for a new career that makes the most of your skills, talk with us about our Academy and how you could be a part of it.

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