Public Sector

Technology is at the heart of Public Sector solutions to help reduce inefficiencies and distribute the public purse effectively.

The Public Sector, and all its services, are under huge pressure to deliver. With such burden on their shoulders and tighter budgets than ever before, they must deliver change that balances stability of service at a speed that meets citizens’ changing needs. With a reducing workforce, tighter timelines and unprecedented challenges, technology leaders are facing a huge test to create the efficiencies needed to drive value.


There are huge challenges for the Public Sector to address. Improving the employee experience – through a legacy infrastructure – for remote working and accessibility is key. Also they are creating cloud-based and self-service solutions to create a better user experience, whilst driving down costs of delivery.

  • Secure, single sign-on solutions, to provide access for the public is a complex, but necessary change initiatives.

  • A huge focus on services that deliver truly beneficial outcomes to employees and the public, will be driven through core digital transformation.

  • Scalability is key for the industry; building for the future and the growing needs of the country requires deep thought and innovation.

How we can help

Roq’s expertise on personalisation, single sign-on technology can mitigate risk in such a sensitive and critical arena.

Quality Engineering baked-in across the stakeholder groups will drive right-first-time delivery in functionality and performance.

There is a huge drive for efficiencies and Roq’s automation frameworks and solutions are a real enabler for accelerated delivery.

Using Roq’s experience across the Public Sector, and vast expertise in customer-first delivery will provide the Public Sector with assurances like never before. We are on DOS and G-Cloud so please contact us to find out more.

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