Our Employee Promise

We believe work should be rewarding, inspiring and enjoyable

To become part of the team, you’ll need to be driven. You’ll be bold enough to try new things and smart enough to see them through. You’ll care about your work and about your colleagues, and you’ll have fun while you’re doing it.

At ROQ, our people are the key to our success; they bring the unique, almost intangible elements that makes us different. Something we believe rings true is ‘you can’t pay people to care.’ With this in mind, we recruit people because they already care, and that’s what makes us stand out. Our team shares a passion to ensure that our clients’ software works, and this inherent commitment enables us to deliver an unrivalled service, time after time.

Annual Employee Survey Results - 2020/21

We believe that great results stem from a happy and motivated team. Our annual Satisfaction Survey helps us identify areas for improvement, and our weekly ‘Pulse’ question gives everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard.

What difference does this make? Colleagues across the business provide candid feedback so we know exactly how they are feeling, can take action on issues, and develop ideas to improve our business. Ultimately, this enhances the service we provide to our clients.

Employee Wellbeing
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Work for ROQ

One of our philosophies at ROQ is ‘people who like what they do, do it better’. We go the extra mile to create an inclusive and welcoming work environment. We are proud to offer a culture where every employee is treated as an individual person, hard work is rewarded, achievement is recognised and most importantly, coming to work is enjoyable.

We strive to create an environment with fun, teamwork and collaboration firmly at its heart. Whether it's a round of FootGolf or a personal training session after work, a lunch time music quiz or a weekend charity event with colleagues, our aim is to involve as many people as possible in ROQ life. Our annual Summer Event and black tie Christmas Party are amongst the first diary dates booked each year and we provide opportunities for colleagues to offer their own ideas for activities, initiatives or competitions.

Supporting Our Community

We consider ourselves fortunate to be in a fast-paced industry with an abundance of opportunities on offer. As such we’re passionate about giving something back and making a difference where we can, so we encourage our team to engage in fundraising activities and community-based volunteer work.

We take part in a wide range of activities that engender a strong team ethos and a common purpose, and it’s not about how much money we donate, but the spirit in which we engage. As well as company initiatives throughout the year, we run a charity matching scheme to encourage employees to work creatively in raising money for good causes of their choice.

The ROQ way is about our team pulling together to make a difference.

See Some Of Our Activities

Championing Testing as a Career

The Defectives is a testing-focused community that has been successfully run by ROQ for over five years. We host events where teams of software testers or developers work or compete with each other in a variety of fun and innovative ways.

The Defectives community aims to share testing knowledge and experience, offer opportunities to learn and develop testing skills, and build awareness of industry techniques from guest speakers. Anyone with an interest in testing can become a Defective, all events are free to attend and there are often prizes on offer.

We also host the students-only “The Defectives University Challenge”. This is a fun introduction to the role of testing where teams work together to find defects on specific websites against the clock, vying to become the proud recipients of the coveted University Challenge trophy.

Watch Some of Our Videos

A rewarding, inspiring and enjoyable environment

The ROQ Test Lab - a Centre of Excellence

WORK FOR ROQ Investing in Passionate People

ROQ provides an opportunity for outstanding people who want to make a real difference to our clients' businesses, learn lots and have great fun along the way.