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ROQ Delivers Automation Framework to International Retailer


The client is a leading supplier of eye care products and services, with 1,800 stores and more than 32 million customers worldwide. It has more than 2,400 partners and 30,000 people working across stores, support offices, and the international supply chain.


When ROQ first engaged with the client, it was using a disparate range of automation tools, from several different partners, with considerable cost implications. It recognised the need to standardise the automation process but was unsure how an automation framework that leveraged open source tools would integrate with – or replace – the existing solutions.

To add to the complexity, the client’s applications were hosted across numerous platforms and had been developed using many different technologies and languages.

It was essential that the new automation strategy and approach addressed these quickly and directly to deliver cost-saving, consistent benefits and provide a strategic platform to support future technological decisions.


In response to the challenge, ROQ identified the Robot Framework as the most appropriate tool set to use, based on the team’s extensive research into the available options and experience of implementing it for other clients.

ROQ invests in an ongoing programme of R&D with regards to available and emerging automation tools and solutions so when this engagement began, the knowledge was already in place to accelerate the implementation process.

The Robot Framework is a keyword driven approach to automation testing that enables pre-built libraries to automate a variety of applications, and allows the extension of libraries in line with the client’s specific testing requirements.

A major benefit of the selected Framework is its versatility and ability to deal with many different applications and languages, and it’s relatively easy for new users to adopt and manage.

After proving its effectiveness across several applications around the client’s internal HR system, the team rolled the Framework out across the client’s web based applications dealing with data processing and validation, and remote applications.

The success of this project paved the way for ROQ to move across to the customer management system, working with a development team in the USA, to automate over 1,000 scripts from the Test Lab to develop an end-to-end solution.

The challenge of ensuring that the new tools interfaced successfully with existing applications was addressed by the ROQ team, whose vast experience with open source tools ensured that the process was seamless.


Investing in open source technology effectively removed licensing costs, which will save the client in the region of £100k annually.

By working in six-week chunks in a semi-agile environment with two-week sprints and check points, ROQ could ensure evidence-based reporting to demonstrate the progress and effectiveness of the ongoing project.

Test scripts were written using a keyword-driven approach which would enable the client’s teams and third-parties to easily adopt and use the framework delivered by ROQ.

The Robot Framework can provide almost instant feedback to the client through continuous integration and by implementing an overnight runner program, which demonstrated its effectiveness and offered reassurance.

The Robot Framework was chosen to provide the foundation for the client’s Test Automation Framework as it would support testing of all application types, ensuring effectiveness, continuity and consistency.



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