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Quality Engineering: Values, principles, and practices

The launch of the new Roq brand means exciting times for us and many people might think that means a new logo, new look and feel, but to us, it means so much more. Test Architect Steve Mellor shares with us what his involvement in the evolution of our portfolio and Quality Engineering Ecosystem means to him.

By Steve Mellor, Test Architect, Roq

We’ve just launched our new brand.  Exciting times for us and many people might think that means a new logo, new look and feel, but to us, it means so much more.  Lots of people have been involved in the evolution throughout the various stages and I’ve been able to really get stuck into what it means for our portfolio and Quality Engineering Ecosystem

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you what this development means to me.

The Quality Engineering mindset helps build, deploy and operate technology solutions that work for you, at pace.

Our values guide and drive the core principles of quality engineering:

  • Automation first – using appropriate tools and techniques to drive efficiencies and work towards technical excellence

  • Continuous improvement – open, honest straight talking with our clients to continually look at making small, but impactful changes to deliver excellent products and services

  • 360 feedbackcommitment to continuous learning, so that we can identify and address issues as early as possible

  • Management – An accurate, straight talking approach to providing visibility of delivery progress

  • Coaching – a passion and commitment to coaching and development of a client, leaving their teams in a better place

These principles support the three core practices of Quality Engineering:

  • Consultancy – reviewing and providing recommendations on your procedures and processes, to help you adopt industry best practices

  • Functional - manual or automated test execution, through to overall test governance to provide fast feedback on the state of deliverables

  • Non-functional – providing the necessary information to enable organisations to scale their technology to a level that meets their business ambition.

The core tenet of the quality engineering mindset is when to apply the appropriate practices to produce high-quality solutions whilst reducing unnecessary costs and delays, making the delivery of great products and services possible, and is a mindset shift from traditional testing and quality assurance whereby quality is considered as early a possible within a product, project or delivery activity and any risks are mitigated before they become difficult to effectively manage.

We’re really looking forward to bringing this to life for our clients and industry friends and have some exciting service accelerators in the pipeline for the new year to complement what we’re already doing.  I’m always happy to talk about it if you’re keen to find out more and I know my colleagues are too, so reach out for a chat!

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