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Webinar Recording: Supporting Digital Transformation for Leading Law Firms

The legal sector is, like many others, going through a significant level of change and reports by the likes of Thomson Reuters have suggested the legal sector has reached a ‘digital transformation tipping point’, with 70% of firms stating that using technology to simplify workflows, reduce manual processes and cut costs is now a top priority. This has been driven by new solutions entering the legal sector, a keener focus on clients and a change in the mood of partners to support technology across their businesses. No longer can change be slow and steady and effectively just maintain the technological status quo – transformational change is coming.

This might include, paradoxically, less legal ‘practice’ and more self service for clients (72% of legal client’s surveyed by Olive Communications said they want more self service options), plus much more automation of typically time consuming tasks. In an industry steeped in tradition and process, embracing new technologies will perhaps be more difficult than in other sectors. However, if legal professionals can embrace change, the opportunities to better serve clients and increase profitability are achievable.

Those working with and within IT departments for legal firms will have to help drive the change and support partners and lawyers on the journey – Roq an independent Quality Engineering Consultancy – want to show how this is possible – and of course, highlight the importance of building quality in from the start. In this webinar recording, our all-star panel does exactly that!

Watch the recording to learn more about topics such as:

  1. How will law firms, and their clients, benefit from embracing transformational change?

  2. How to support the traditional legal sector to embrace change

  3. Why is quality so important to ensuring the legal sector fulfils its digital transformation potential?

  4. What are the key things to look out for in the legal technology space for 2022?

  5. How is Quality Engineering different to traditional software testing and why is it suited to supporting transformational change in the legal sector?


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