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New Managed Test Service for Global Law Firm

The Client 

The client is a global law firm within the industry ‘magic circle’, with more than 4,000 employees and 29 offices in 20 countries. It manages challenging assignments for the world’s leading companies, financial institutions and governments, solving complex and important legal issues.

The client was working with a testing supplier that was failing to deliver the quantity and quality of work needed, and engaged with Roq as a key partner to re-launch the testing service. Crucially, departments across the wider business had lost confidence in software testing, and its importance to the overall success of internal and external operations had been undermined by a poor level of service from the incumbent provider.

Roq was confident it could not only elevate the level and quality of software testing to address the needs of the client, but its flexible, responsive and holistic approach and experience would quickly win back confidence across the whole business.

Roq’s Solution

Roq’s systematic and transparent approach to the challenges it faced as a new service supplier meant that the client was involved from the very beginning of the transition period between the incumbent testing provider and Roq, and was part of the decision-making process. Effective knowledge transfer requires detailed understanding, flexibility, collaboration and communication.

  • Quickly establishing an initial team of test professionals to address the requirements of this complex managed test service, incorporating functional, automation and performance testing. Some of the team were based on client site with the majority in the Test Lab

  • Holding client-site workshops and establishing knowledge sharing sessions to build relationships and share experience

  • Shadowing on in-flight projects to ensure a smooth handover

  • Embarking on testing in new projects alongside the transition of those in progress

Feedback from the client about this initial stage of the process said Roq’s flexibility, responsiveness and reliability were key aspects contributing to the successful outcome of this phase given the aggressive timescale.

The Outcome  

The creation of strong relationships between the Roq team and the client was a priority for all parties, and is an ongoing process as new test engagements commence. Other benefits include:

  • Automation improvements resulted in a 50% reduction in time to execute and monitor mandatory weekly regression performed, on the business-critical system, SAP

  • Performance testing is now closely aligned to actual risks, rather than the previous ‘one size fits all’ approach, which has resulted in stronger performance test engagement on all project and BAU work, leading to an increase in demand for performance testing services

  • A flexible approach to resourcing meant Roq could ramp up and down teams according to workload and skills required, and move people freely and swiftly between client site and Test Lab

  • The transition board meetings and quality gates provided regular checkpoints and gave the client confidence that the transition was on-track. Ultimately the transition was delivered on-time and the service bedded in earlier than the client expected, saving both time and money

  • A KPI dashboard was established to measure the value being delivered by testing

  • A series of service improvement initiatives have been embarked upon to ensure continuous improvement. Areas identified are now analysed and action plans put in place to deliver and implement improvements

  • The creation of training materials to support new members of the testing team as part of their induction

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