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Roq assists with complex Divestment Project following £6bn sale

Roq’s longstanding client, a global FMCG organisation, had agreed the sale of one of their business units to a third party, and required Roq’s assistance in the assurance of a large and complex divestment project, which largely consisted of the migration of c. 4,000 user accounts and assets to the third party’s servers. An aggressive two-year transition service agreement was made between the client and buyer.

The Client 

Roq was engaged to implement and deliver a test plan and approach, along with all the required associated processes. Roq was selected because their team has vast experience in dealing with complex data migration and infrastructure projects and implementing strategies to identify and mitigate business risks associated with complex migrations. Roq was also responsible for system integration testing and managing user acceptance testing (UAT) throughout the project. 

Roq’s Solution  

Roq played a key role in the planning and coordination of the user migration process, which mainly involved taking OneDrive and Microsoft 365 data and transferring it to third-party systems and servers. This was completed in stages over a period of around 7 months, by working systematically through the 4,000 accounts. The complexity of the divestment project meant that different user account types required varied access levels and permissions at different stages in the project. This added an extra level of complexity and rigour to the testing approach, with a focus on ensuring that all accounts were set up correctly at the right time. 

The main technologies and systems used by Roq were Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, allowing Roq to effectively manage user accounts and access throughout the project. 

In addition to the complexity and sensitivity of the data migration, another key challenge of the project was establishing and maintaining clear communication and effective relationship management throughout the complex project. To maintain and manage stakeholder expectations, consistent communication and honesty were paramount – achieved through close collaboration and regular catchups and review meetings. 

The Outcome  

The divestment project had a definitive deadline, driven by financial and shareholder pressures and the project was successfully completed, including a full wrap-up, with two weeks to spare – a significant achievement. The main sponsor of the project provided their feedback, which can be seen below: 

“The Roq team have been absolutely exceptional in helping us to determine requirements and deliver the project. Their knowledge across everything from Microsoft 365 to the workings of Identity & Access Management has been crucial to completing the work. Roq has been immediately available at all times to help, quickly becoming a subject matter expert, and then organising cross-functional teams to deliver the work. The work was always delivered on time or ahead of time with suggestions along the way for how to improve.” 

Key successes and benefits of Roq’s engagement include: 

  • Supporting the early and successful delivery of a complex data migration and infrastructure project, through a rigorous and pragmatic test approach 

  • Enabling brand integrity to be maintained within two globally renowned organisations, under extreme shareholder pressure 

  • Facilitating a seamless end-user experience, with all account transfers running smoothly, during staged migration points and upon completion of the project. 

Thanks to Roq’s expertise and professionalism, the project was delivered smoothly on time and to budget, with maintained integrity for all parties. 

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