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ROQ delivers UAT for international FMCG client

Roq delivers UAT to support the global roll-out of a web and mobile-based system.

The Client 

The client is an international fast moving consumer goods company with a long track record of creating value for shareholders. It employs over 35,000 staff and sells its products in more than 160 countries.

The project involved a new web and mobile based portal developed on the Salesforce CRM platform. It was designed for a specific non-UK market, to encourage collaboration and communication between retailers, sales representatives and support staff.

Roq’s Solution

Roq engaged with this new client to perform UAT of the application. The scope of the engagement included:

  • Test Planning

  • Test Analysis and Design

  • Test Environment/Data Setup

  • Test Execution and Defect Recording

  • Test Progress Reporting

An initial test plan was created based on user stories and design documentation provided by the client team. This was then used as the basis for the design of the test data and circa 300 test cases to exercise the application functionality across a range of user profiles. The test cases centred on the themes of analytics & insights, customer interaction, using the web based Saleforce CRM platform, and the portal functionality across various tablet and mobile devices. These test cases were executed on physical devices (pc, mobile and tablet) in the Roq Test Lab based in Chorley.

Throughout the engagement, Roq worked closely with the client and their SI partner, providing regular progress reports on the status of the testing and working with them to triage the defects raised and facilitate resolution and retest.

The Outcome  

Roq facilitated improvements to the system for a cross-section of users prior to roll-out to a global audience. The high level of honesty in advising exactly where the issues were, allowed the client to make an informed decision as to next steps. The test expertise Roq provided, identified a number of suggested improvements to processes so that the client could become more robust in their future approach.

The mobile testing performed by Roq on the range of physical devices) ensured that the functionality of the portal application was verified across all the key platforms identified by the client. This significantly reduced the risk of issues being experienced by the unforgiving retailer community.

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