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Roq Prevents Potential GDPR breach

Roq recently completed a project for one of their long-term clients, preventing potential GDPR breaches within a newly upgraded internal system.

The Client 

Roq’s client is a leading healthcare retailer primarily responsible for providing eyecare to its customers. The client recently upgraded a set of new internal systems which enable clients who are unable to travel to a branch, to book an at-home eye test. 

Roq’s Solution  

There were no pre-existing testing requirements at the time of engagement, this meant the Roq team needed to fully scope the requirements of the project and define and deliver against test scripts so that upgraded systems were fit for purpose. 

Roq used their extensive testing expertise and previous experience of working with this client to introduce a semi-agile environment to fully scope out testing requirements and deliver against the test cases agreed. The main challenge for the Roq team was the lack of available Client testing knowledge, and only one Client product subject matter expert (SME). Roq overcame this by maintaining clear, open and frequent communication with the Client’s SME throughout the project. 

The Outcome  

During the project the Roq team identified several high-priority defects that could have proven costly if not discovered. One of these crucial defects was an issue with the Client’s GDPR form which allowed information to continue to be stored on systems even after a customer had revoked consent. Roq’s identification of this issue enabled the loophole to be fixed prior to going live, thus avoiding potentially disastrous GDPR breaches, and ultimately enabling the Client’s customers to continue to receive life-changing eye-care from their homes. 

In summary,  

  • Costly GDPR breaches were prevented

  • A semi-agile environment was implemented, thus improving the efficiency of testing; and

  • The system was able to go live on time, enabling the Client to deliver a valuable service to their customers. 

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