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Automation First Managed Test Service Delivers 5-fold Increase In Project Delivery

Since 2016, ROQ, has been delivering a Managed Test Service (MTS), adopting a core / flex resourcing model, to one of the world’s largest law firms. This relationship has flourished over the years, resulting in a recent 3-year extension to the contract. Our partnership has led to an 80% reduction in time to execute and monitor mandatory weekly regression performed, on the business-critical SAP system.

When ROQ took over the MTS, there were just 12 active project and BAU deliveries being worked on across the service. ROQ now engage with 60+ project and BAU deliveries per month and do this with the same team size. This demonstrates the power of ROQ’s adherence to risk-based testing, process efficiency and drive to an automation first approach.

Projects Delivered

In the last four years, ROQ has delivered 130+ projects as part of the MTS, and delivered BAU change (e.g. SAP, Office365). These include:

  • Implementation of Azure DevOps
  • BDD, and extensive test automation, including iOS mobile device testing.
  • Introduction of a CI/CD pipeline for weekly ServiceNow releases (with 80% automation coverage). .

A key project recently delivered through the MTS is ROQ’s solution to testing Windows 10 Updates. This has proved game-changing for the client as they now have a blueprint for all Windows updates going forward.

Coupled with an effective automation framework, the new approach saves up to 60 hours of manual work per week – not to mention the significant savings in mitigated risk associated with Windows 10 updates. Find out more about this project in our Windows 10 Update case study.

ROQ has also introduced their innovative EPS solution to the client. The client was experiencing significant degradation, across certain global offices, in performance of business-critical desktop applications such as Office 365, each time a Windows 10 upgrade was released. ROQ’s solution involves a unique and complex synthetic testing approach, performing automated key transactions on remote desktops and physical hardware and recording important timings. This has created significant benefits for the client including increased confidence on business critical applications not being impacted, a time and cost saving through a reduction in IT Support calls, and much more. You can find out more about this project through our EPS case study.

A key challenge and focus for the MTS has been to improve the relationship between testing and the rest of the business. The ROQ team has worked tirelessly to improve the communication and manage expectations on what engagement is required and when. ROQ has also been a catalyst for evangelising about the importance of quality and regularly presents at the town halls.

The outcome:

By promoting a ‘one team, one message’ approach and maintaining consistently high levels of service, ROQ has developed a high level of trust with the client’s senior executives. In delivering the service, ROQ executes an effective resource management approach, which helps manage budget expectations appropriately, forging a great relationship built around efficient resource mobilisation and cost control. This also allows for greater staff rotation, reducing key person dependency – a sign of a true service.

In addition to the significant increase in delivery efficiency, other benefits of ROQ’s engagement include:

  • A dedicated core team maintains and builds on the accumulated knowledge of testing within the organisation; this team is scaled and reduced on demand to deliver expertise across various technologies and provides a seamless continuity of service – a true core / flex model
  • The use of the ROQ Test Lab delivers cost optimisation (around 26% per year), and reduces pressure on the client’s London and Manchester offices
  • Providing an independent test team has delivered measurable improvements in the quality of testing processes, deliverables, results and flexibility of test operations – it is now integral to higher quality delivery
  • A continuous improvement programme is in place, governed by quarterly service reviews, to ensure innovative techniques, processes and tools are being considered and adopted

ROQ has recently signed a contract extension with this client and relationships are stronger than ever, with ROQ being a key factor in the success of the client – Learn more about our testing services


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